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6 Signs of Hot Water Heater Failure

6 Signs of Hot Water Heater Failure

Hot water has become an essential part of daily life. Without it, especially during the colder months, it can be a pain to get through the day.

Hot water has become an essential part of daily life. Without it, especially during the colder months, it can be a pain to get through the day. To make sure you never have to experience a hot water heater failing in your home, here are six signs to keep an eye out for.


Internal Rust

Highly active metal rods called sacrificial anodes are present to help keep the water in your heater from corroding. The rods are consumed wherever they’re placed and need to be replaced over time. Even though they can last for several years, it’s best to inspect them once a year to make sure they’re still intact.


Sediment Buildup

Mineral deposits will separate and settle to the bottom of your tank when the water is heated up. This leftover sediment can build up over time, lowering the efficiency of your water heater and causing damage, especially if you have hard water. Make sure to flush out your heater once a year to get rid of the buildup.


High Water Pressure

Intense water pressure can damage your heater, along with your other appliances and piping. If you find evidence of water leaking from the side of your heater from overflowing pipes, then you probably have a problem with your water pressure. This pressure shouldn’t be higher than 80 psi. You may need to replace your temperature and pressure relief valve to get a more accurate read.


Corrosive Fumes

For combustion to occur within a water heater, it needs to be taking in air. If the air is of poor quality, problems can begin to arise, especially if the air is corrosive in nature. This will, in turn, corrode the interior of your water tank and lead to your heater failing. To fix this, keep ammonia, bleach and other corrosive materials away from your water heater.


Wrong Heater Size

As water heaters are available in a variety of sizes to best accommodate different levels of water usage per household, you might find that the heater you recently purchased is too small for you and your family’s needs. It will end up doing more work than it’s capable of, leading to a breakdown much sooner than expected. To remedy this, talk to a professional about heater sizing before purchasing one.


Old Age

On average, water heaters can last from 8 to 12 years. However, it’s not a good idea to try and push it’s usage father than that, as you’ll likely begin to experience problems that have never been an issue. If you’re experiencing rusting, bad heating elements or a pilot light that refuses to stay on, then it’s time to get a new heater, possibly one that’s more energy-efficient to save you some money.


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