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Sewer and Drain Services

Sewer and Drain Services

Sewer and Drain Services

Harsh chemicals can harm not just the environment, but also your pipes and other plumbing, causing the need for sewer and drain services.

That’s why the professionals at Worry Free Plumbing & Drain Line Experts use green technology to clear and maintain your residential sewers and drains. Serving Edmonton, we offer quick, efficient service when you need clogs removed from the drains in your home. Our services include:

Sewer Line Augering

Main drain sewer auger services involve using a power run auger, several different cutting heads and over 100′ of high strength cable to cut debris in clogged sewer lines.

Branch Line Augering

Branch line augering involves a hand-run auger with up to 75′ of cable and several cutting heads to reduce debris in branch lines (bathtubs, showers, sinks, toilets). This clears your pipes and allows water to drain properly.

Sewer Line Cleaning

Cleaning sewer lines is a necessary step for optimizing their function and minimizing damage and disaster.

While you may avoid cleaning the sewer lines around your home and believe it’s a job left to the city, every homeowner, on at least one occasion, will have to consider hiring a plumber to clean your sewer lines.

Sewer and Drain Services

A clogged sewer drain can cause more worries than you need. You don’t deserve to suffer through the mess of wastewater and fear of flood in your free time. Alleviate those anxieties and give Worry Free Plumbing a call! Once your drain gets clogged, it’s likely that it will happen again and more frequently. Regardless of how many at-home cleaning products you use to repair it, hiring the best plumbing service in Edmonton is your most viable solution.

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Why Hire Worry Free Drain Cleaning Professionals?

  • Professional Drain Cleaning Solutions: We carry the most effective, high-quality drain cleaning solutions to fix the blockage and drain problems in your home. Solving the clog in your floor drain, downspout drain, sewer drain and more, we’ll restore water flow in no time.
  • Prevents Future Clogs: Home drain cleaning solutions may be effective in temporary unclogging and cleaning a drain, however, a blockage will most likely occur again in the future. Our drain cleaning services clean the drain thoroughly, removing any excess bulk that has collected and blocked the pipes. Consistent maintenance and professional cleaning service saves you time and prevents needing future, expensive repairs.
  • Guaranteed Best Results: Worry Free Plumbing is available 24/7 for your family to resolve those unexpected and irritating drain problems.



Worry Free Plumbing will always provide efficient, long-lasting plumbing solutions to keep your plumbing health in check. Never worry again, contact our experts for any plumbing emergency and we’ll get back to you promptly!