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Sewer Line Inspections

Sewer Line Inspections

Sewer Line Inspections

Many homeowners believe that nothing serious will happen to their home’s drain and sewer systems, and never require sewer line inspections. Yet three in every five homes have a major sewer problem developing just below the surface.

Purchasing a home or being a homeowner is not short of responsibilities. Often overlooked, however, are sewer lines and sewer line inspections.


The reality is many homeowners are unaware of this responsibility; there is a false pretense that sewer lines are matters for the City of Edmonton.


Unfortunately, homeowners are responsible for sewer lines from their property to the city main. Anything beyond that range relieves them of culpability.

Why Are Sewer Line Inspections Necessary?

Property damage is the fundamental reason for actively engaging in sewer line inspections. A sewer that is root-infested or broken, or flat, can contribute to a major clog that backs up into a home or business establishment resulting in thousands of dollars in damage, repairs, and loss in property value. Further, when purchasing or selling a home, typically, sewer line inspections are not included in standard home inspections. Therefore, when you inherit the property, it is unclear what risks exist, when the most recent inspection or maintenance was or what further actions were taken with respect to the sewer line. In the interest of your property and family, a sewer line inspection is mandatory to avoid exponential costs and inconveniences.

What Do Sewer Line Inspections Entail?

Typically, a plumbing company conducts sewer line inspections. Once they have been summoned or hired, contractors use a camera to inspect the sewer. Much like the snake or auger, a small camera is attached to the head of a long cord. It is inserted into the cleanout and moves around the sewer line to inspect the conditions. While the camera moves around, the feed is projected onto a monitor for full observation. In old houses, it’s pertinent to inquire about the material used to construct the sewer because it is possible that the material is outdated and may require an upgrade.

Video Inspections of Your Sewer Line

Expensive emergency repairs can be avoided with a high definition camera sewer inspection. No matter how long you have lived in your home, whether it’s a few months or many years, it’s good to remember that problems in your sewer or drain lines build up over time.

What Do I Do After the Plumber's Inspection?

Once a sewer line inspection is complete, you follow up based on the data collected. For example, if an inspection reveals that the sewer line needs to be cleaned, you can request cleaning immediately, especially if that clog is much beyond your control. Many companies offer inspection and cleaning simultaneously as an immediate defense mechanism should the inspection reveal threats to property damage.


If you have sewer line damage, request a quote for repair. Be inquisitive about timelines as well. If the damage poses an immediate risk, it may not be wise to continue using the plumbing in your home until further assessments and repair have commenced.

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How Often Should I Have a Plumber Do a Sewer Line Inspection?

Experts recommend annually.

If you own a newer home (10 years or younger), experts recommend an annual sewer inspection. On the other hand, older homes should be inspected every six months. If you are unsure about your property it is best to obtain professional plumbers advice.

Costs of Sewer Line Inspections

In the province of Alberta, sewer line inspections can range from $250-300

Once you’ve completed your sewer line inspection and repaired and maintained any damages or detriments, you will observe an overall improvement of the plumbing system in your home.

Uncover Serious Issues Before You Buy

Most new homeowners ask for a home inspection when they invest in their home purchase, yet they rarely think to have the sewer and main drain systems inspected and some pay dearly for their oversight.

high definition camera video inspection of your sewer line allows you to uncover any serious issues, such as cracks in the pipe, clogs (that often cannot be dissolved by chemicals), and roots inside the drain line.

Regular sewer line inspections are an important part of the on-going plumbing maintenance schedule of any property.

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