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Sump Pump Installations and Repairs

Sump Pump Installations and Repairs

Sump Pump Installation

With any sump pump installation project, our first course of action is an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

On many occasions, basement water problems derive from external drainage challenges. As such, finding the source of the problem is first priority in order to determine the best solution to fix basement water issues.

We check the drainage system in your home, we conduct a sewer line inspection, and we assess the gutters and roof run offs and monitor the water systems around the home to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Sump pump installations often entail breaking through concrete.

Before we break ground however, we take into consideration what materials, systems, or contraptions may be below the concrete. The last thing we want to do is increase the risk of damage. For example, in older houses, the main water line may be on the ground and breaking concrete can affect that water line causing flooding.


Once it is clear to break ground, we start the installation process by creating a drain to the sump pump and a liner for a sump pit. The Sump Pump unit itself is then placed inside the liner, keeping off dust and debris. After the unit is installed, we test the sump and drainage line to ensure that it is working sufficiently before we cover the drain using concrete.

Sump pump installations can be complex, but we follow a strict professional guide to make certain your basement or protected and your water systems are functioning optimally.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

For when the storm takes out your power.


As an extra level of security, we also provide the installation of a battery-powered backup for the sump pump. When the storm knocks out the power, you’ll want that peace of mind knowing your pump is still going to do its job and push water out of your house.


If you think your sump pump requires maintenance, repair, or replacement, contact one of our contractors immediately to book your consultation.

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Sump Pump Repairs

There are a series of factors that may damage a sump pump and cause it to fail. For example, improper installation, which can cause the pump to work backward, pushing water towards the home rather than away, sump, pumps the wrong size, or a lack of maintenance.

Because there are a myriad of different sources that can trigger a need for repair, methods of restoration typically vary based on the cause of the damage.

Repairs for sump pumps can range from relieving a clogged drain, removing standing water, recovering from storm or wind damage, or fixing a drain line breakage.

In order to mitigate the challenges that may likely arise with sump pumps, we highly recommend regular maintenance. Typically, we will fill up your sump pit with water and observe how the system reacts when we discharge the water. We will also clean the air hole of the pump to listen and interpret any sounds coming from the motor and make recommendations for repair where necessary. If it’s too late for preventative maintenance, we are available 24/7 for emergency services as well.