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How Often Should You Test Your Sump Pump?

How Often Should You Test Your Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are extremely important for many homes because they stop water from building up in your basement caused from built-up groundwater or heavy rain.

Sump pumps are extremely important for many homes because they stop water from building up in your basement caused by built-up groundwater or heavy rain. Their purpose is to move water away from the foundation of your home so that water damages do not occur and your home remains safe. For this reason, regular inspections are required to ensure that your sump pump is working properly so that you don’t have to worry. The last thing you want is to run into problems with your sump pump during heavy rainfall.


Exactly how often you should test your pump depends on what your sump pump is being used for. Normally, it is recommended that they are tested every three to four months, but in many cases, it may be wise to test and clean it more often. Tests should involve the opening of the inlet screen and cleaning it out, which is most important. If your sump pump is used to dispose of water from your washing machine, you would benefit from regular inspections as opposed to doing it every three months because soapy water can cause additional strain on your sump pump and affect its ability to function properly. Completing a test every month would be a better idea to ensure your pump is working fine and the monthly inspection should include checking the power cord and electrical socket, in addition to cleaning out the inlet screen.


Serious inspections require the assistance of a professional who can provide in-depth testing based on their knowledge and skills with sump pumps. Professional plumbers have a different way of checking the inlet screen and the valve located on the discharge pipe which ensures that water is unable to flow backward through the system. These are things that you would be unable to do on your own, especially if you’re not familiar with the parts and are unsure of what to look out for. A plumber can also check to see that there is a sufficient backup power source while inspecting the pit in which the pump sits to check for size and depth and signs that it is functioning properly. Once they are done inspecting the area around the sump pump, they will check the discharge location as their last step to ensure that the system is draining properly.


For any additional information regarding sump pumps, including installation, contact Worry Free Plumbing in Edmonton today. Their experienced plumbers can help you test your sump pump by completing a thorough inspection that only the best plumbing company and its skilled employees can provide. For peace of mind, give them a call today!

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