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My Furnace is Leaking Water – What Do I Do?

My Furnace is Leaking Water – What Do I Do?

If you notice that your furnace is leaking water, the first thing you must do is turn it off and call a reputable HVAC company to help you repair it. Do not panic because the situation can be fixed, especially if you act fast.

The thermostat must be set to off, after which you must turn the shut-off valve that you’ll find on the gas line that is connected to your furnace as well as the electrical breakers associated with your furnace. Completing these steps is the right thing to do while you wait for repair technicians because in most cases the problem can only be fixed by a professional as only they can determine the cause of the leak and prevent it from happening again.


Mopping up all of the water that has collected around your furnace is the next step because you never want to leave standing water as is; otherwise, it will damage both your furnace and your floor. The most important thing to remember is that the electrical circuit of your furnace must be shut off for you to do this; otherwise, you will run into serious problems. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is.


Whether you have a high-efficiency furnace or there are many reasons why a furnace will leak water and here are just a few:

  1. If there is a leak or a clog in the condensate lines, you will see a puddle formed around your furnace, which is a clear indication of a problem. Condensation is created through the heat exchange process in high-efficiency furnaces and when it is operating normally, the condensation will be drained safely out of your furnace and away from it through the condensate line. If there is a clog, it will result in a leak.
  2. If the condensate pump is having mechanical difficulties, this too will result in a leak. This is the component that pushes the water through the lines so that it stays away from the furnace, but if it isn’t working properly, you will experience leaks.
  3. Conventional furnaces have a metal exhaust vent pipe that carries away the gases that are produced during the combustion process and releases them outside while they’re hot, but if this pipe is not the right size for your furnace the gasses will get trapped, cool down and leak right out of your furnace.


Professional technicians will also inspect the humidifier and air conditioner and any other component that can be or affecting the leak. As this is a job that is best left to the professionals, contact Worry Free Plumbing in Edmonton for all of your heating and furnace needs, including repairs. If you spot a leak, do not deal with it on your own and let Worry Free Plumbing help!

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